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Toyota Vellfire H30, 2 generation 01.2015 - 12.2017

2 generation
(H30) 01.2015 - 12.2017
2 generation
In January 2015, sales of the third generation of the flagship minivans Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire began on the domestic market in Japan. The developers did not radically change the concept of the previous version of the minivan, only improved it where it seemed appropriate. For example, a new rear suspension on double wishbones endowed the car with exceptional driving performance. As for the design, Vellfire retains a number of differences - the chrome front grille consists of wide horizontal stripes, large decorative sections at the corners of the bumper simulate powerful air ducts and visually expand the front of the minivan. Wellfire has traditionally "two-story" headlights. Taillights - with transparent glass. Three engines are offered for the minivan: a 2.5-liter Quartet in the conventional and hybrid versions and a 3.5-liter V6.
 Vellfire H30 was slightly lower than its predecessor, but this did not prevent to maintain the interior height at the level of 1400 mm and the previous spaciousness. Interior lighting uses LED lamps - four brightness levels and 16 colors to choose from. In the luggage compartment under the third row is a niche where you can place impressive 148 liters of luggage for this class. However, if you need a spare tire, you get only 66 liters of usable volume. In the list of trim levels appears a new version of the Executive Lounge. This modification received even more "luxury" suspension settings, here are ten cm wider than the seats on the second row (ottomans, heating and ventilation systems are installed). For entertainment, there is a 12.1-inch high-resolution screen and a 17-speaker JBL audio system with a 12-channel amplifier.

 On hybrid Toyota Vellfire models, a 2.5-liter internal combustion engine of the 2AR-FXE series, operating according to the Atkinson cycle, a variable Sequential Shiftmatic box with six fixed gears and an electric motor on the rear axle (E-Four all-wheel drive system) is installed. Fuel consumption in the Japanese test cycle JC08 is 5.2 liters per 100 km. The usual 2.5-liter 2AR-FE in the base models is complemented by a CVT-i CVT (seven speeds to choose from). With a start-stop system, it consumes 7.9 liters of gasoline. The most “gluttonous” is still the 3.5-liter version (2GR-FE V6 engine, automatic transmission 6) - 10.5 liters per “hundred” minimum.

 The most significant change in the technical part of the car can be called a new rear suspension - now here is an independent design on double wishbones, while previously used a semi-dependent torsion bar. In addition, engineers boast of increased body rigidity, improved noise and vibration isolation. At the front, as before, is a MacPherson-type suspension. The minivan has ventilated disc brakes and an electronic parking brake. Steering - with electric power. In gasoline versions 4WD in normal mode, the drive is carried out on the front wheels, in the "AUTO 4WD" mode, if necessary, the system automatically directs torque to the rear wheels. The hybrid model has an electric E-Four all-wheel drive system without mechanical coupling between the axles - the rear-wheel drive is connected using a separate electric motor. The dimensions of the body of the Toyota Vellfire H30 are: length 4930-4935 mm, width 1850 mm, height 1880-1935 mm for 2WD models and 1895-1950 mm for 4WD models. The dimensions of the cabin are 3210 x 1590 x 1400. For comparison, the previous Vellfire had a cabin measuring 3160 x 1585 x 1400 mm. The roomy luggage compartment of the minivan is combined with a well-thought-out seat transformation system.

 The equipment of the Toyota Vellfire H30 includes front and side airbags, curtains for the entire length of the passenger compartment, an optional driver knee airbag, active head restraints, child seat mounts. For active safety, ABS and EBD systems, Brake Assist, Brake Assist S-VSC are used. The list of “assistants” includes a parking autopilot, a four-camera all-round visibility system, an accident prevention system and radar cruise control. The third generation of Toyota Alphard and Vellfire models has a roomy interior and a level of comfort that is comparable to or even superior to other executive sedans. Engines provide improved dynamics, and the suspension - high ride comfort and handling. Still leaves much to be desired ride height. Like all large cars, the minivan did not avoid creaking in the cabin on road bumps. In 2017, a restyled version of the model was released.