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Toyota Vitz XP10, 1 generation 01.1999 - 11.2001

1 generation
(XP10) 01.1999 - 11.2001
1 generation
Toyota Vitz - a car that embodied the concept of simplicity from Toyota. In the range of modifications there are cars with an engine capacity of 1 and 1.3 liters; There is also a sports modification RS with a 1.5-liter engine. For a car that was planned to be sold in European markets (its left-hand drive analog is Toyota Yaris), one new base was not enough; and the engine, and transmission, and suspension - all of these basic elements for the car were new developments. Among the many advantages of Vitz, first of all, probably, it is worth noting the appearance. The style created by Greek designers has become a new style in the design of numerous compact cars made in Japan. And the instrument panel placed in the center of the front panel is one of the characteristic features of the interior.
 The first Vitz for all the years of its existence was released in many modifications. There are three- and five-door versions, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, three types of transmission: “mechanics”, “automatic”, CVT. Depending on the equipment, the price difference could reach a double value. The simplest version was offered with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox, manual air conditioning, two airbags, ABS. In more expensive trim levels, you can find a digital dashboard, an automatic transmission, electric windows and mirrors, an LCD with navigation, automatic air conditioning, additional storage space for small items. The main advantage of Vitz is its interior, which, despite its small size, can accommodate 5 people, and even four large adults sit comfortably. Again, despite the modest cabin size, the Vitz is also convenient for transporting small loads - with the rear seat folded down, a pretty decent trunk is obtained. Sports versions of the RS are interesting not only for their filling, but also for the appearance in the “sports car" version: body kit, special alloy wheels, rear spoiler. Among other things, RS models feature enhanced brakes and suspension, a combination of instruments with white scales and a standard tachometer, aluminum door sills, leather steering wheel.

 The range of engines Toyota Vitz 1999-2001 includes three options for power units, the features of which are the presence of the VVT-i system. The smallest 1SZ-FE with a volume of 1 liter produces 70 horsepower. It's a bit, but enough for a leisurely city ride. And given the modest consumption, Vitz can travel on one liter of fuel up to 19.6-22.5 kilometers. Of course, the specific power is small - eleven and a half kilograms is horsepower, and it will be difficult for such a little car to keep in the general flow on the highway. The variant with the 1.3-liter 2NZ-FE engine is characterized by the optimal ratio between power and economy - the hatchback has a reserve of 88 “forces” and the mileage on one liter of gasoline is up to 18-21 km. The most suitable choice in terms of power is a 1-liter engine 1NZ-FE (110 hp). In the “1.5 RS” configuration with manual transmission, the specific power is 8.6 kg / hp. But the power reserve is smaller - up to 15.2-17 km per liter.

 Vitz front suspension - suspension strut with coil spring, rear - torsion bar on springs, with the exception of all-wheel drive versions, where the rear axle is a continuous axle. The durability and reliability of the Vitz lightweight chassis is beyond any doubt. And its compactness creates all conditions for high maneuverability. The minimum turning radius of the car is only 4.3 meters. This is one of the best indicators in the class.

 Again, the Vitz is good in terms of security. Of the equipment, two airbags (driver and front passenger), an anti-lock brake system and a brake force distribution system, child seat fasteners, three-point seat belts were offered. Crash tests showed that, despite its modest size, the body, equipped with additional stiffeners, holds quite a good lateral and frontal impact, and the model of the 2002 model got the result even better.

 The Toyota Vitz hatchback turned out to be such a successful model that Toyota launched a whole family on one platform, including the Platz sedan and the Funcargo minivan. As for Vitz specifically, the widespread use of this model, its “ingenious simplicity”, and the absence of problems with spare parts create all the conditions for the successful operation of used cars, and the wide variety of copies available on the market for a confident choice of your taste and price.