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Toyota Vitz XP130, 3 generation 12.2010 - 03.2014

3 generation
(XP130) 12.2010 - 03.2014
3 generation
The third generation of the compact Toyota Vitz hatchback was released in late 2010, five years after the previous one. With a complete update of the model, its target audience has changed. The car is now focused not only on women, as before, but also on men over 40 who decided to transfer from minivans and sedans to something compact, as well as young people under 30, for whom functionality and style are important. The body found a wider silhouette, became more stable. The wheelbase is 50 mm larger than its predecessor - due to this, the interior has become even more spacious. True, it practically has not changed in width, but decently added in length - up to 1915 mm. And, of course, if you compare the third Vitz with previous generations, especially the first, the difference will be very significant. We can say that Vitz has definitely become “older”. In general, the course towards the previous technical diversity continued for the new generation, although the car has now completely lost its automatic transmission in favor of the CVT, but, as before, there is a “mechanic”, and four-wheel drive, and a separate turbocharged engine for an exclusive sports version. At the same time, frankly inexpensive versions have disappeared from the Vitz lineup, in their homeland the starting cost of the basic configuration is now more than 1 million. yen, and the cost of the most expensive modifications went far beyond 2 million. Their luxury, as far as a representative of the compact class is concerned, now emphasizes the interior with seats trimmed with ivory fabric, a heated driver's seat, a climate system with an air ionizer, multifunctional TFT-display, showing a lot of parameters, including indicators of driving efficiency, and in various modes, up to the history of the "eco-wallet" (when you can compare fuel costs with the readings of previous months). This display is combined with the instrument panel, which in the new model returned to its usual place in front of the steering column. The Vitz trunk has a decent opening - a width of 1080 mm, a height of 800 mm. As before, the salon is replete with additional compartments for various items.

 The new 1.3-liter Vitz 1NR-FE Series engine delivers 95 horsepower. At the same time, the car boasts high efficiency. Modification with this motor can be equipped with an Idling Stop system. Gasoline consumption in this configuration is 3.8 liters per 100 km (10-15 mode) or almost 25 km per liter. This is even better than that of the youngest engine, which has a volume of 1 liter and a power of 69 hp - it can travel 21.6 km on the same amount of fuel. A more powerful 1.5-liter power unit produces 109 hp, but the exclusive version of the GRMN Turbo hatchback has an engine under the hood, the power of which with the turbocharging system is brought up to 152 liters. with. And this is for a car weighing only 1070 kg!

 Toyota Vitz suspension retains its previous design - suspension struts in front and a torsion beam at the rear. The main type of gear shifting for a car was a CVT, moreover, an intelligent type, to ensure the perfect balance between power and low fuel consumption. In cars with all-wheel drive, torque is actively controlled: under normal conditions, it is transmitted to the front axle, the rear axle is connected if necessary and helps when starting on a slippery surface, during acceleration or when cornering. The standard for all modifications was a set of six airbags (frontal, side, and air curtains disclosed for the entire length of the passenger compartment). The special design of the head restraints reduces the likelihood of a whiplash neck injury, and a structure is integrated into the ceiling that mitigates the effects of head bumps. Preventive safety systems include active dynamics control, as well as ABS with a brake force distribution system and emergency braking system.  The third-generation Toyota Vitz gives an example of evolutionary development, as they say, “keeping up to date”. This popular compact hatchback deserves the closest interest, which, in fact, is happening on the market, where the new Vitz, despite the “incorrect” steering wheel arrangement, has already managed to win a considerable number of fans, both among the former adherents of the model and the new ones. And the prices are quite interesting.