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UAE service update
Due to severe weather conditions in Dubai and the surrounding area resulting in flooding, our operations and those of our suppliers are experiencing major disruptions. Please note there will be delays on any current orders in progress from our UAE warehouse as well as new orders. We thank you in advance for your understanding and will continue to do everything possible to resume full service.
Golden Week Holiday (Japan)
Dear customers, Amayama's Japan warehouse will not be accepting and shipping orders on 29th April and from the 3rd to 7th May due to the Golden Week holiday.
During the holidays period shipping of orders from Japan will happen on April, 30 - May, 2 and will fully resume on the 7th of May.

インストルメントパネルガーニッシュ for Honda Vamos Hobio, LA-HM3, M 1000001 - 1099999

Honda Vamos Hobio, LA-HM3, M 1000001 - 1099999
Engine: E07Z
Grade: M
Transmission: AT
Options: 5D ABS
We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility. Contact us so we could check for you!
OEM Name / Details Req. Price from, USD
66418-SA5-000 Stopper,グローブボツクスリツド 2 1.37
66418-S47-003 Stopper,トレイボツクス 1 1.00
77109-S3A-000ZA Garnish,インストルメントサイド アツパーデフロスター *NH264L*
Interior: JN
1 1.95
77200-S8R-003ZA バイザーASSY., meter *NH167L*
Interior: JLN
1 14.58
77211-S8R-003ZD パネルASSY., radio *NH546L*
Interior: J
1 24.60
77240-S0X-A00ZD リツドASSY.,オーデイオホール *TBLACK*
Exterior: B520P B528M B92P B96P NH578 NH623M NH624P NH636P NH642M NH700M NH716M PB79M RP34P RP37P R504P YR526M YR550M
1 8.14
77241-S8R-003ZA Tray,パツセンジヤー *NH264L*
Interior: JN
1 5.22
77350-S8R-003ZA Cover,コラムアツパー *NH264L*
Interior: JN
1 8.45
77360-S8R-003ZA Cover,コラムロアー *NH264L*
Interior: JN
1 12.09
77503-S8R-003ZA ボツクスASSY., glove *NH264L*
Interior: JN
1 8.45
77504-SJ6-013 Spring, glove box 1 1.00
77504-S3A-003ZA ロツク, glove box *NH264L*
Interior: JN
1 2.73
77505-S8R-003ZA リツドCOMP., glove box *NH264L 1*
Interior: JN
1 28.16
77506-S8R-003 Stopper 2 1.00
77512-SAA-003ZA Holder, pen *NH1L*
Interior: JLN
1 1.24
77610-S8R-003ZA アウトレツトCOMP., center *NH264L*
Interior: JN
4 4.95
77611-S8R-003 Bush,フレツシユケース 4 1.00
90101-S03-000 Screw, tapping 4X16 2 1.00
90305-S2K-000 Clip, spring, 6MM 2 1.41
90650-SE3-000 Clip,ラジオパネル 2 1.23
90665-S04-003 Clip,スナツプフイツテイング 1 1.45
90666-S84-A01 Clip,スナツプフイツテイング N 1.58
91550-S3A-003ZC Clip, glove box *NH167L*
Interior: JLN
2 1.04
93891-050-1007 スクリユーワツシヤー 5X10 2 1.00
93913-14420 Screw, tapping 4X16(PO) 4 1.00
93913-14480 Screw, tapping 4X16(PO) 2 1.00
93913-24280 Screw, tapping 4X12(PO) 3 1.00
77550-S8R-000ZZ フレームCOMP., glove box 1 10.52
91641-SM4-003 Grommet, screw 4MM 2 1.00
93913-14480 Screw, tapping 4X16(PO) 1 1.00