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UAE service update
Due to severe weather conditions in Dubai and the surrounding area resulting in flooding, our operations and those of our suppliers are experiencing major disruptions. Please note there will be delays on any current orders in progress from our UAE warehouse as well as new orders. We thank you in advance for your understanding and will continue to do everything possible to resume full service.
Golden Week Holiday (Japan)
Dear customers, Amayama's Japan warehouse will not be accepting and shipping orders on 29th April and from the 3rd to 7th May due to the Golden Week holiday.
During the holidays period shipping of orders from Japan will happen on April, 30 - May, 2 and will fully resume on the 7th of May.

Intake manifold (horizontal ranging) for Honda Vamos Hobio, LA-HM3, L U PACKAGE 5000001 - 5099999

Honda Vamos Hobio, LA-HM3, L U PACKAGE 5000001 - 5099999
Engine: E07Z
Transmission: MT
Options: 5D 3-spoke handle
We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility. Contact us so we could check for you!
OEM Name / Details Req. Price from, USD
16450-PFE-J01 インジエクターASSY., fuel 3 89.39
16451-PLC-000 Clip, injector 3 2.64
16620-PFE-003 パイプCOMP., fuel 1 80.29
16625-PFE-000 Guard,フユーエルパイプ 1 3.48
16638-PH7-000 Insulator,フユーエルパイプ 2 2.29
17100-PFE-J50 マニホールドCOMP., intake 1 134.92
17105-PFD-004 Gasket,インテークマニホールド (ニツポンリークレス) 1 4.58
19516-PC1-000 Bolt,ブリージングウオーター 1 3.23
32741-PTF-J00 ステーB,エンジンワイヤーハーネス 1 2.73
32745-PFE-J00 ステーF,エンジンワイヤーハーネス 1 1.53
32747-PFE-010 ステーH, engine harness 1 2.65
32752-PFE-J00 ステーN,エンジンワイヤーハーネス 1 2.73
37880-PDA-E01 センサーASSY.,エアーテンプレチヤー 1 20.70
91301-PLC-000 O-ring 7.47X3.6 3 1.66
91302-PNA-003 O-ring 7.45X3.61(NOK) 3 1.00
91303-P0A-A02 O-ring 1 1.00
92900-060-280B Bolt, stud 6X28 2 1.00
94050-06080 Nut, flange 6MM 2 1.00
94050-08080 Nut, flange 8MM 3 1.00
95701-060-1208 Bolt, flange 6X12 3 1.00
95701-080-2508 Bolt, flange 8X25 3 1.00