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New Year Holiday Delays
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130 - cam shaft & valve mechanism (engine) for Nissan Moco MG22S

Frame / SeriesMG22S / SA1 body W (W wagon )engine K6A (K6A, no turbo )drive 2WD (2WD 2WD)
Manufacture period02.2006 - ...grade E (E E grade )transmission 4AT (4AT AT )  
Scheme 130A_001 Scheme 130A_002
Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
K6A02.2006 - ...カムシャフト&バルブメカニズム

13001 - camshaft assembly
13002M - bearing, camshaft
13020M - camshaft assembly
13201 - valve, intake
13201H - shim, valve
13202 - valve, exhaust
13203 - spring, valve outer
13205 - seat, valve spring outer
13207 - seal, oil valve
13209 - retainer, valve spring
13210 - collet, valve spring
13231 - lifter, valve

Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
K6A02.2006 - ...カムシャフト選択基準

13024A - bolt, sprocket camshaft
13024H - pin, guide
13025 - sprocket, camshaft intake
13028 - chain, timing camshaft
13060N - guide, chain
13070 - tensioner assembly, chain
13070E - gasket, chain tensioner
13070G - support, tensioner
13085 - guide, chain tension side
13086 - guide, chain slack side
13087M - sleeve, tensioner
13280 - bolt
13280+A - bolt
13280+B - bolt
13280+C - bolt
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