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230 - alternator fitting (engine) for Nissan Moco MG22S

Frame / SeriesMG22S / SA1 body W (W wagon )engine K6A (K6A, no turbo )drive 2WD (2WD 2WD)
Manufacture period02.2006 - ...grade E (E E grade )transmission 4AT (4AT AT )  

11710F: bush, alternator bracket

OEM part numberRequired
per car
Production periodSpecCode ExteriorInterior Applies for models Notes Replacements Please order in advance In stock
921824A0A20102.2006 - ...K6A +K6AT
1.44 USD
Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
K6A +K6AT02.2006 - ... 

11710 - bracket, alternator
11710F - bush, alternator bracket
11715 - bar, adjusting alternator
11716A - bolt
11718A - bolt
11718AA - bolt
11718AB - bolt
11718M - bracket, alternator adjust bolt
23100C - nut