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Obon Holiday Delays (Japan)
Due to the Obon (week-long) public holiday in Japan, all orders submitted to Amayama Japan between the 11th of August and the 17th of August will be delayed in processing until the 18th of August. During this time no orders will be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

380 - rear final drive (unit) for Nissan Moco MG22S

Frame / SeriesMG22S / SA1 body W (W wagon )engine K6AT (K6AT turbo )drive 4WD (4WD 4WD)
Manufacture period02.2006 - ...grade G/FOUR (G/FOUR G/FOUR)transmission 4AT (4AT AT )  

38102: bolt, drive gear

OEM part numberRequired
per car
Production periodSpecCode ExteriorInterior Applies for models Notes Replacements Please order in advance In stock
011254A0B40602.2006 - ...4WD.K6A +4WD.K6AT
1.00 USD
Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
4WD.K6A +4WD.K6AT02.2006 - ... 

38100 - gear set, final drive
38102 - bolt, drive gear
38120 - bearing, drive pinion rear
38140 - bearing, drive pinion front
38151 - shim, adjust drive pinion
38165 - spacer, drive pinion bearing
38189 - seal, oil drive pinion
38210 - flange assembly, companion
38210A - nut, drive pinion
38300A - bolt, final drive
38310 - carrier complete, gear
38310A - bolt, bearing cap
38351E - plug, filler
38421 - case, differential
38423 - gear, side
38424 - washer, thrust side gear
38425 - pinion, mate
38426 - washer, thrust pinion mate
38427 - shaft, pinion mate
38440 - bearing, differential side
38453 - shim, adjust side bearing
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