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Best-selling parts for Nissan Sunny WFB12

Here are best-selling parts for Nissan with WFB12 listed below for your convenience.

OEM part number Production period Applies for models Replacements Please order in advance In stock

Engine and fuel system

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Air filter (Nissan, VIC)
AY120NS00209.1987 - ... GA15S
to 25.97 USD
Fuel filter (Nissan, VIC)
AY505NS00209.1987 - ... E13S+GA15S
to 12.13 USD
Oil filter (Nissan, VIC)
AY100NS00709.1987 - ... GA15#
to 5.46 USD
Spark plug (Nissan, NGK, Denso)
2240101P1401.1988 - ... GA15# BCPR4ES-11[B512]
to 12.00 USD
2240101P1501.1988 - ... GA15# BCPR5ES-11[B512]
to 12.00 USD
2240101P1601.1988 - ... GA15# BCPR6ES-11[B512]
to 12.00 USD
2240101P1701.1988 - ... GA15# BCPR7ES-11[B512]
to 4.44 USD

Transmission and chassis

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Brake pads, front (Nissan, Nisshinbo)
AY040NS80207.1988 - ... (E13S+GA15S).2WD right and left shim cover
0.00 USD
Brake pads, rear (Nissan, JFBK)
4406001A2509.1987 - ... CD17+E13S GA15#.2WD right and left [B102]4406007Y25
with some condition (Color,Size)
to 48.44 USD
Shock absorber, front, left (Nissan, KYB)
5430350A2701.1989 - ... E13S+GA15S.2WD CD17 ID NO 54303-50A02 Atsugi 5430358A85
164.04 USD
5430350A2801.1989 - ... E13S+GA15S.2WD CD17 ID NO 54303-50A02 Kayaba 5430353A28
135.84 USD
Shock absorber, front, right (Nissan, KYB)
5430250A2701.1989 - ... E13S+GA15S.2WD+CD17 ID NO 54302-50A02 Atsugi 5430258A85
to 164.04 USD
5430250A2801.1989 - ... E13S+GA15S.2WD+CD17 ID NO 54302-50A02 Kayaba 5430253A28
to 135.84 USD
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