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Body parts for Nissan Sunny, 09.1985 - 09.1987 production period

Frame / SeriesWHB12 / B12 body W (California (wagon))engine E15S (1500 gasoline single cab E type )grade DX (deluxe )
Manufacture period09.1985 - 09.1987transmission MT (manual transmission )シフトダンスウF5 (shift 5-speed )drive 2WD (two-wheel drive (FF))

Parts groups: Engine and fuel system  |  Body parts  |  Chassis and transmission  |  Electrics  |  Accessories

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Body parts Y1  
A2103 - radiator (Denso)
F4804 - steering wheel (trim)
F4805 - steering column shell (trim)
G2410 - battery mounting (body)
G2701 - window shield wiper (Denso)
G2702 - window shield washer (Denso)
G2703 - rear window wiper (Denso)
G2704 - rear window washer (Denso)
G2731 - heater, cooler & air conditioner (unit) (Denso)
G2732 - heater, cooler & air conditioner (fitting) (Denso)
H6001 - body complete & touch-up paint (body)
H6201 - front grille & finisher (body)
H6202 - rear body fitting (body)
H6203 - front bumper (body)
H6204 - rear bumper (body)
H6207 - body side molding & stripe (body)
H6301 - front body panel (body)
H6302 - cowl & dash panel (body)
H6303 - front body fitting (body)
H6304 - cowl & dash fitting (body)
Body parts Y2  
H6305 - dash trimming (trim)
H6306 - hood hinge & lock (body)
H6307 - ventilator (trim)
H6308 - instrument (trim)
H6309 - roof console & console box (trim)
H6310 - window shield (body)
H7301 - roof panel (body)
H7302 - roof trimming (trim)
H7401 - floor panel (body)
H7402 - floor fitting (body)
H7403 - floor trimming (trim)
H7601 - body side panel (body)
H7602 - body side fitting (body)
H7603 - body side trimming (trim)
H7604 - body side window - (body)
H7801 - rear body panel (body)
H7802 - trunk lid hinge & lock (body)
H7803 - trunk trimming (trim)
H7804 - rear window - (body)
H7810 - trunk & back door opener (body)
Body parts Y3  
H8001 - front door panel (body)
H8002 - front door trimming (trim)
H8004 - front door lock & handle (body)
H8005 - front door window - & regulator (body)
H8006 - rear door panel (body)
H8007 - rear door trimming (trim)
H8009 - rear door lock & handle (body)
H8010 - rear door window - & regulator (body)
H8011 - back door panel & window - (body)
H8012 - back door trimming (trim)
H8014 - back door lock (body)
H8601 - front seat (trim)
H8602 - rear seat (trim)
H8606 - seat belt (trim)
H9901 - label (body)
H9902 - key set (body)
H9903 - back mirror (trim)
H9904 - sun visor (trim)
H9905 - mark & emblem (body)
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