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Golden Week Holiday (Japan)
Dear customers, Amayama's Japan warehouse will not be accepting orders from the 26th April to 6th May due to the Golden Week holiday. Shipping of orders will resume on the 7th May. Orders will continue to be sent from the Australia and UAE warehouses during this time.

Spare parts for CT190L frame Carina E


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Complectation Engine Production
Body Grade Transm. Options
CT190L-AEMDSW 2C 02.1992 - 01.1996 SEDXLMTM JPP LHD DSL  
CT190L-ALMDSW 2C 02.1992 - 01.1996 LBXLMTM JPP LHD DSL  
CT190L-BEMDSW 2C 10.1994 - 01.1996 SEDXLMTM UKP LHD DSL  
CT190L-BEMDXW 2CT 01.1996 - 10.1997 SEDXLMTM UKP LHD TD  
CT190L-BEMNXW 2CT 01.1996 - 10.1997 SEDGLMTM UKP LHD TD  
CT190L-BLMDSW 2C 10.1994 - 01.1996 LBXLMTM UKP LHD DSL  
CT190L-BLMDXW 2CT 01.1996 - 10.1997 LBXLMTM UKP LHD TD  
CT190L-BLMNXW 2CT 01.1996 - 10.1997 LBGLMTM UKP LHD TD  
CT190L-BWMDSW 2C 05.1995 - 01.1996 WGXLMTM UKP LHD DSL  
CT190L-BWMDXW 2CT 01.1996 - 10.1997 WGXLMTM UKP LHD TD  
CT190L-BWMNXW 2CT 01.1996 - 10.1997 WGGLMTM UKP LHD TD  
CT190L-DWMDSW 2C 11.1992 - 01.1996 WGXLMTM JPP LHD DSL  
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