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Japan Warehouse Relocation
Please note that the Japan warehouse will be relocating to a new larger premises. All orders will be suspended (tentatively) from the 14th to the 24th February. All order shipments will be suspended from the 17th to the 27th February. We thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

Spare parts for ST162 frame Celica


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Complectation Engine Production
Body Grade Transm. Options
ST162-BLMVF 3SGELU 08.1985 - 08.1987 LBGTMTM 5F  
ST162-BLPVF 3SGELU 08.1985 - 08.1987 LBGTATM 4FC  
ST162-BLMGK 3SFE 08.1987 - 08.1989 LBZRMTM 5F  
ST162-BLMVF 3SGELU 08.1987 - 08.1989 LBGTMTM 5F  
ST162-BLPGK 3SFE 08.1987 - 08.1989 LBZRATM 4FC  
ST162-BLPVF 3SGELU 08.1987 - 08.1989 LBGTATM 4FC  
ST162C-BKMGK 3SFE 10.1987 - 08.1989 CVTCVMTM 5F  
ST162C-BKPGK 3SFE 10.1987 - 08.1989 CVTCVATM 4FC  
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