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Spare parts for KXC10V frame Deliboy


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Complectation Engine Production
Body Grade Transm. Options
KXC10V-RBQDS 5K 07.1989 - 11.1995 VDXMTM 5H 02S  
KXC10V-RBQRS 5K 07.1989 - 11.1995 VSTDMTM 5H 02S  
KXC10V-RRNDS 5K 05.1991 - 11.1995 VDXATM 3HC 05S  
KXC10V-RRQDS 5K 07.1989 - 11.1995 VDXMTM 5H 05S  
KXC10V-RRQRS 5K 07.1989 - 05.1991 VSTDMTM 5H 05S