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New Year Holiday Delays
We thank you so much for your support in 2023 and look forward to serving you in the new year.
Amayama Trading Japan will not be processing orders from 29th December until the 4th January 2024. Last parcels before the break will be sent on the 28th December. Shipments will resume from the 5th January 2024.

The Australian warehouse will also be closed from 25th December - 8th January.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish our customers a happy and safe holiday period!

Spare parts for Toyota Pixis Space, L585A

Choose specification:

Model Engine Prod period Body Grade Transm. Options
L585A-GBGF KFVE 09.2011 - 04.2012 X CVT 5D PS1
L585A-GBGF KFVE 06.2013 - 01.2017 X CVT 5D PS3
L585A-GBGF2 KFVE 04.2012 - 06.2013 X CVT 5D PS2
L585A-GBMF KFVE 09.2011 - 04.2012 L CVT 5D PS1
L585A-GBMF KFVE 06.2013 - 01.2017 L CVT 5D PS3
L585A-GBMF2 KFVE 04.2012 - 06.2013 L CVT 5D PS2
L585A-GBSF KFVE 09.2011 - 04.2012 CTMX CVT 5D PS1
L585A-GBSF KFVE 06.2013 - 01.2017 CTMX CVT 5D PS3
L585A-GBSF2 KFVE 04.2012 - 06.2013 CTMX CVT 5D PS2
L585A-GBSZ KFDET 09.2011 - 05.2012 CTMRS CVT 5D PS1
L585A-GBSZ KFDET 06.2013 - 01.2017 CTMRS CVT 5D PS3
L585A-GBSZ2 KFDET 05.2012 - 06.2013 CTMRS CVT 5D PS2
L585A-GBVF KFVE 09.2011 - 04.2012 CTMG CVT 5D PS1
L585A-GBVF KFVE 06.2013 - 01.2017 CTMG CVT 5D PS3
L585A-GBVF2 KFVE 04.2012 - 06.2013 CTMG CVT 5D PS2