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Mazda 323

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Asia and Middle East
1991.03 (BG12220, BG12420, BG12920, BG12B30, BG12C20, BG12E20, BG12E50, BG13220, BG13420, BG13920, BG13C20, BG13E20, BG13E50, BG13G20, BG14420, BG14E20, BG14E50, BG14G20, BG83J20) 1991.04 (BG1032, BG1032M, BG1062, BG1062M, BG1072) 1994.06 (323N6M, 323N8A, 323N8V, BA11310, BA11610, BA11710) 1995.08 (323N6B, 323N8B, BA11320, BA11620, BA1162M) 1996.08 (323HB5, 323HBI, 323HE5, 323HEI, 323NB, 323NE, 323NEI, 323NT5, 323NTI, 323SW, BF10E4M, BF13E4M, BF32B01, BF32B02, BF32B03, BF32B04, BF32B0X, BF32B0Y, BF32B13, BF32B14, BF32B22, BF32B23, BF32B24, BF32B32, BF32B33, BF32B34, BF32B42, BF32B43, BF 1996.10 (323N3M, 323N6M, 323N6M9, 323N8A, 323N8A9, BA11330, BA1133M, BA11630, BA1163M, BA11730, BA1230W, BA1231W, BA1232W, BA1233W, BA1234W, BA1235W, BA1236W, BA1237W, BA1238W, BA1239W, BA123XW, BA1260W, BA1261W, BA1262W, BA1263W, BA1264W, BA1265W, B 1998.07 (BH10311, BH1031Y, BH10M11, BH10M12, BJ1031, BJ10310, BJ10311, BJ1031X, BJ1031Y, BJ10F10, BJ10M10, BJ10M11, BJ10M12, BJ10M1X, BJ10M1Y, BJ12301, BJ1230X, BJ1230Y, BJ12311, BJ1231X, BJ1231Y, BJ12321, BJ1232X, BJ1232Y, BJ12331, BJ1233X, BJ1233Y, 2000.10 (BJ12322, BJ12323, BJ12324, BJ12M20, BJ12M21, BJ12M22, BJ12M23, BJ12M24, BJ12M50, BJ12M51, BJ12M53, BJ12R22, BJ12R23, BJ12R24, BJ14M20, BJ14M21, BJ14M22, BJ14M23, BJ14M24, BJ14M50, BJ14M52, BJ14M53, BJ14M54, BJ14R21, BJ14R22, BJ14R23, BJ14R24 2000.12 (BH10M22, BH10M23, BH10M24, BH10M25, BH10M26, BH10M27, BH10M28, BJ10320, BJ10321, BJ10322, BJ10323, BJ10324, BJ10F20, BJ10F23, BJ10M10, BJ10M2, BJ10M20, BJ10M21, BJ10M22, BJ10M23, BJ10M24, BJ10M25, BJ10M26, BJ10M27, BJ10M28, BJ10M29, BJ10M2M,