Delayed Parcels to South Korea
For parcels to South Korea, due to a sharp rise in mailed items there will be a significant delay in processing parcels. Customers are advised to allow 1 - 2 weeks for deliveries.

Mazda Capella Parts

Choose chassis model depending on the car's market:


1985.02 (GC1412, GC2210, GC6P, GC8J, GC8P, GCEP, GCFJ, GCFP) 1987.07 (GD8J, GD8Y, GDFJ) 1994.07 (CG2PP, CG2SP, CG2SR)
1985.04 (GC8P) 1989.04 (GD6P, GD8A, GD8B, GD8P, GD8R, GD8S, GDEA, GDEB, GDEP, GDER, GDES, GDFP) 1997.06 (GF8P, GFEP, GFER, GFFP)
1987.02 (GD6P, GD8A, GD8B, GD8P, GD8S, GDEA, GDEA 0, GDEB, GDEP, GDER, GDES, GDFP) 1989.05 (GD8J, GD8Y, GDFJ) 1999.09 (GF8P, GFEP, GFER)