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Mazda Mazda2

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Asia and Middle East
2007.06 (DE10Y18, DE10Y19, DE10Y1A, DE10Y1B, DF52508, DF52509, DF5250A, DF5250B, DF52518, DF52519, DF5251A, DF5251B, DF52528, DF52529, DF5252A, DF5252B, DF52538, DF52539, DF5253A, DF5253B, DF52548, DF52549, DF5254A, DF5254B, DF52558, DF52559, DF5255A 2007.06 (DE13520, DE13J20, DE14520, DE14528, DE14550, DE14558, DE14J20, DE14J28) 2007.10 (FDAAA07, FDAAA08, FDAAA09, FDAAA0A, FDAAA0B, FDAAA0C, FDAAA0D, FDAAA0E, FDAAA17, FDAAA18, FDAAA19, FDAAA1A, FDAAA1B, FDAAA1C, FDAAA1D, FDAAA1E, FDAAA27, FDAAA28, FDAAA29, FDAAA2A, FDAAA2B, FDAAA2C, FDAAA2D, FDAAA2E, FDAAA37, FDAAA38, FDAAA39 2009.10 (DE10Y1C, DE10Y1D, DE32J0B, DE32J0C, DE32J0D, DE32J0E, DE32J0F, DE32J1B, DE32J1C, DE32J1D, DE32J1E, DE32J1F, DE32J2B, DE32J2C, DE32J2D, DE32J2E, DE32J2F, DE32J3B, DE32J3C, DE32J3D, DE32J3E, DE32J3F, DE32J4B, DE32J4C, DE32J4D, DE32J4E, DE32J4F 2010.08 (DEA3520, DEA3521, DEA3J20, DEA4520, DEA4521, DEA4550, DEA4551, DEA4J20, DEA4J21) 2010.10 (DE10J2E, DE10J2F, DE10Y2B, DE10Y2C, DE10Y2D, DE10Y2E, DE10Y2F, DF5250B, DF5250C, DF5250D, DF5250E, DF5250F, DF5251B, DF5251C, DF5251D, DF5251E, DF5251F, DF5252B, DF5252C, DF5252D, DF5252E, DF5252F, DF5253B, DF5253C, DF5253D, DF5253E, DF5253F 2014.10 (DJ5HVA3, DJ6H551, DJ6H5A1, DJ6HA62, DJ6HS61, DJ6HV51) 2014.11 (DJ2HA6G, DJ2HA6H, DJ2HAAG, DJ2HAAH) 2015.01 (DJ2HA6G, DJ2HA6H, DJ2HAAG, DJ2HAAH, DJAHV0G, DJAHV0H, DJAHV1G, DJAHV1H, DJAHV2G, DJAHV2H, DJAHV3G, DJAHV3H, DJAHV4G, DJAHV4H, DJAHV5G, DJAHV5H, DJAHV6G, DJAHV6H, DJAHV7G, DJAHV7H, DJAHV8G, DJAHV8H, DJAHV9G, DJAHV9H, DJAHVXG, DJAHVXH, DJBHV0G 2017.01 (DJ2HA6J, DJ2HAAJ) 2017.01 (DJ6H550, DJ6H5A0, DJ6HA60, DJ6HS60, DJ6HV50) 2017.04 (DJ2HA6J, DJ2HAA0, DJ2HAAJ, DJ6HVAZ, DJAHV0J, DJAHV1J, DJAHV2J, DJAHV3J, DJAHV4J, DJAHV5J, DJAHV6J, DJAHV7J, DJAHV8J, DJAHV9J, DJAHVXJ, DL2SA6J, DL2SAAJ, DL6SVAZ, DLASV0H, DLASV1H, DLASV2H, DLASV3H, DLASV4H, DLASV5H, DLASV6H, DLASV7H, DLASV8H