New Year Holiday Shutdown

We thank you for your support in 2016 and look forward to serving you in the new year. We wish our customers a happy and safe holiday period.

Due to the New Year's holiday period in Japan, Amayama Trading will not be accepting orders from 29th December 2016 until the 4th January 2017. Last parcels before the break will be sent on the 28th December. Shipments will resume from the 5th January 2017.

Toyota Dyna / Toyoace Parts

Choose chassis model depending on the car's market:


LY50 YY101 LY270 XZU340
YY50 BU102 KDY271 XZU341
LY51 BU102A KDY280 XZU342
YY51 BU102D LY280 XKU344
YY52 BU102H KDY281 XZU344
BU60 LY102 RZY281H BU346
BU60VH BU105 TRY281 XZU346
LY60 BU107 KDY290V XZU347
YU60 LY111 LY290V XKU348
BU61 BU112 BU297 XZU348
LY61 BU112A BZU300 XZU350H
YU61D BU112D BZU300A XZU351D
YY61 LY112 RZU300 XZU352D
BU62 BU120V RZU300A XZU354D
BU62D LY121 TRU300 XZU354H
BU62H YY121 TRU300A XZU362
BU64 BU122V XZU300H XZU362A
BU64D LY122 BU301 XZU362D
BU66 XZU130A BU301A XZU368
BU66D LY131 RZU301 XZU368D
BU66DH YY131 XZU301 XZU371
BU66H BU132 XZU301A XZU372
BU67 LY132 XZU301D XZU378
BU67D BU137 XZU301H XZU382
BU68DH BU140 XZU302 XZU388
BU70V RZU140 XZU302A BU400
BU70VH XZU140 XZU302D XZU400
YU70V BU142 XZU302H XZU400A
BU72 BU145 XKU304A XZU401
BU72D BU147 XKU304H XZU402
BU72DH LY151 XZU304 XZU404
BU72H LY152 XZU304A XZU404A
BU73 LY161 XZU304D BU410
BU74 BU162 XZU304H BZU410
WU75D BU162A XZU305A XZU410
BU77 BU162D BU306 XZU411
BU78 LY162 BU306V XZU412
BU80 BU172 XZU306 XZU413
YU80 BU182 XZU306V XKU414
BU81 LY201 XZU307 XZU414
BU82 YY201 XZU307V XZU415
BU83 BU202 XKU308 BU420
BU84 LY202 XKU308H XZU420
BU85 LY211 XZU308 XZU421
BU85V YY211 XZU308V XZU423
WU85 BU212 XZU311A XKU424
BU87 BU212K XZU311D XZU424
BU87V LY212 XZU312D BU430
BU88 KDY220 XZU314D XZU430
BU90 LY220 XZU320A XZU433
WU90 RZY220 XZU321A XZU434
BU91 TRY220 XZU321D XZU454
BU93 KDY221 XZU322 XZU488
WU93 BU222 XZU322D TRU500
BU94 KDY230 XZU324D XZU504
BU95 LY230 XZU330 XKU508
WU95 RZY230 XZU331 XKU508H
BU96 TRY230 XZU334 XZU508
BU98 KDY231 XZU336 XZU508V
BU100 RZY231H XZU337 XZU524D
BU100A TRY231 XKU338 XZU538
RZU100 KDY240V XZU338 XZU548
RZU100A LY240V BZU340 XZU554D
RZU100H KDY241V RZU340 XZU568
LY101 KDY270 TRU340 XZU568D
YY101 LY270 XZU340