Delay Notification - Japan Earthquake
Please be advised that due to the recent earthquake in Osaka there will be delays of up to 3 days in receiving parts from suppliers.
Delayed Parcels to South Korea
For parcels to South Korea, due to a sharp rise in mailed items there will be a significant delay in processing parcels. Customers are advised to allow 1 - 2 weeks for deliveries.


Nissan 66820-61U00 (6682061U00)

Price from 1.71 USD
0.001 kgs
Volumetric weight
0.002 kgs
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Nissan 6682061U00 CLIP 1.86 0.001 (0.002) in 5 days >1
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Nissan 6682061U00 CLIP 1.71 0.001 (0.002) in 5 days 1