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Search for Genuine Parts

Search for Genuine Parts

Prices, delivery methods and other conditions depends on your country.
Examples: 15400-RTA-003, 14411-2X90A, B8913-JG000
Part numbers can be obtained from your car service or online parts catalogs.

International shipments:

  • Amayama Trading cannot supply windshields or side or rear windows. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  • Please also note that shock absorbers can be delivered by Fedex only

- Stock availability changes rapidly. Even if stock is confirmed available it can sell out very quickly during the time the stock was confirmed, and before payment is made and orders are placed with the supplier. Please be aware that in the event stock sells out after having paid for an order, Amayama Trading will refund the price of the cancelled parts. For orders containing a single cancelled part, or all parts are cancelled in an order, Amayama Trading will refund the order in full.
- Orders that contain delayed parts are withheld until all parts are delivered and prepared for shipping. Orders can be sent in two different shipments at extra charge. Please consult your sales manager to arrange separate shipping for delayed orders.