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Note: Amayama Trading works with local postal services and international courier companies to supply parts. Amayama Trading is not involved with the local delivery of orders in the destination country. As such Amayama Trading cannot intervene if delays are experienced once the package is within the mail system (including customs clearance) in the destination country. 

The tracking information has not updated. Where's my order?

Orders are shipped either by air/surface mail, or by international courier companies DHL or FedEx. In the case of air or surface (sea, land) mail, tracking updates can only be provided with the cooperation of the postal service in the destination country. It can take some extra time for the tracking to update. In some cases, the order can actually be delivered before the tracking is updated. Please be aware that if the postal service in your country is known to offer sub-standard service this can also affect the information transfer between the sending and receiving postal services. We kindly as customers to allow more time for tracking updates and delivery in these cases.

My order's estimated delivery date has passed, can you help me?

Postal services can only provide estimated delivery dates in conjunction with local mail handling conditions in the destination country.
Once the parcel has left Japan or the UAE, customers must contact their local postal service (or the contractor delivery company used by the postal service) if their order is being delayed or held by customs or the delivery post office. Please give the tracking number of the order to a local postal service representative for a final delivery date or instructions on how to release the parcel from customs.

My order's shipping date has passed, what's going on?

Minor delays happen frequently, especially when global conditions influence parts production and the ability to transport parts, such as the situation surrounding COVID19. While Amayama Trading may be able to receive some parts from the supplies within the estimated time frame, others (even with the same part number) might be delayed for any number of reasons which can impact the transport of parts. These types of delays can happen at any time and is why Amayama Trading can only offer estimated time frames (within two dates) as opposed to a deadline delivery date.  


Your website shows that the part number I want is/was available, why did it get cancelled?

Amayama Trading does everything possible to ensure that the part numbers you request can be supplied. However the suppliers have limitations in the quantities they can supply and the time in which they can be supplied. They also reserve the right to cancel orders if a production runs is stopped due to deminishing demand. These factors culminate in the cancellation of various part numbers either due to delays with an unknown duration, or the part is physically no longer available. Amayama Trading can only update its database after the manufacturers (and therefore their suppliers) inform Amayama Trading of any changes. These changes are only able to be checked if there is an order from customers requesting part numbers.

Why can't you list actual units in stock of the part numbers I want?

There are millions of part numbers across all the manufacturers' databases, with many of those part numbers rarely requested. While very fast selling part numbers that are in high demand have a very high chance of availability, they can still sell out in a very short time. Amayama Trading is a global supplier of genuine and aftermarket Japanese auto parts so it is not possible to update the database in intervals frequently enough to react to these very fast and frequent changes in availability. Depending on the demand for a particular part number, this situation can render the stock amount obsolete as soon as it is updated.

OK I understand that, but why does your website's "xx% availability" information sometimes seem too optimistic?

This is to encourage demand. If it was not encouraged then it would have an adverse effect on demand resulting in even less of a chance of parts being available. For this reason we kindly ask all customers to be aware that a "percentage of availability" system is used based on Amayama Trading's previous availability check of part numbers. Assuming that the part is/was in high demand, there is still a chance that the part could sell out and become unavailable, albeit a very small chance. Even though it would be rare, a part number with 98% chance of availability could still sell out resulting in a cancelled part in your order. Only part numbers with a 100% chance of availability stated on the webiste should be considered available with zero chance of being cancelled.


You cancelled the main part in my order, can I cancel the entire order and get a full refund?

While this is possible, it is approved on a 'case by case' basis. Often the remaining parts in the order are small and/or can be cancelled at the supplier without any problems. However if the remaining parts are higher in value, are not able to be cancelled at the supplier, or are rarely ordered parts then our staff will discuss other possibilities with the client before cancelling other parts in the order. Amayama Trading understands the situations involved might have a negative effect on the customer if not cancelled and this will also be seriously considered before offering a solution.

I requested a refund of the Free Balance in my Amayama account some time ago, where is it?

After it has been requested, every effort is made to refund the Free balance (credit) in your Amayama account within reasonable time. There are occasions when credit balances are from very old orders which were missed prior to the Amayama internal system upgrade, or other factors which prevent the refund from being made in a timely manner. In these situations, while it may take more time to refund, the credit in your Amayama account will be refunded once able to do so.