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Refunds, Warranty and Returns


If the purchased part fails under normal operating conditions *1, *2 and is within the manufacturer 12 month international warranty period (starting from the date the part is received by the buyer), Amayama Trading will either replace the item or refund the cost of the item for the life of the published warranty.

Please note that for part defects, claims must be made as soon as the defect (whether a production defect which affects the function of the part, or cosmetic defect which does not affect the function of the part) is discovered prior to installation. If the part is installed despite knowing that the defect is present then the customer accepts the defect part and forfeits the claim process.

*1 The part must be installed by a certified technician for the manufacturer who produced the part (Example: a certified Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc technician) and if a claim is made, the claim must be accompanied by proof that the technician carried out the installation and a statement by the technician outlining the fault. The warranty will be void if the part is not installed by a qualified mechanic. The faulty part must be sent back to Amayama Trading and a new item will be sent if the manufacturer is satisfied the warranty conditions have been met. Amayama Trading will refund the return postage charge upon receipt of the faulty part if the part is sent back according to Amayama Trading's accepted return shipment method.
*2 The part must only be used in the manner which the manufacturer intended as original equipment when the vehicle was sold new from an authorised dealer. Parts that are installed from other vehicles which did not include the part as original equipment when sold new, or parts that are modified, or tampered with, to fit a vehicle (whether the part was original equipment on the vehicle or not) will void the warranty and no claim, refund or return will be accepted by the manufacturer or Amayama Trading.

Damaged Parts, Returns and Refunds

  • If parts are damaged or missing in transit:
    If a package has been received with damage to the box, or items are missing inside with visible tampering to the packing tape or with incisions to the box, please report it to one of our staff as soon as possibe. Amayama Trading will  submit a claim to the shipping service (Carrier) or Postal servicePlease note that evidence concerning the damage to the box or evidence of tampering will be required in photo and/or video form. Our staff may request more detailed photos of specific damage to the box or parts. It will take some time for the claim to be processed so we kindly ask for customers to allow time for the claim to be processed, which may take some weeks depending on the cooperation of the recipients.

    Amayama Trading will either replace the part(s) or offer a refund for the damaged part(s) at the customer's request once the claim has been accepted by the Carrier. Stock can sell out in the time it takes to process the claim so part replacement is dependent on availability. Amayama Trading may or may not require the part to be returned in the case of damaged parts.

    Information about the claims process can be seen here:

    In the case of EMS airmail and domestic post in Australia and New Zealand, information about the claims process can be seen here:
    Japan Post:
    UAE Emirates Post:
    Austraia Post:
    NZ Post:

  • If parts are wrongly ordered by the customer:
    Wrongly ordered parts are the responsibility of the customer. Amayama Trading will not accept wrongly ordered parts back for exchange or refund.
    If there is any doubt about the compatibility or appearance of a part, please ask one of our friendly staff to assist with confirming the correct part number(s) prior to submitting an order, or prior to making payment. 

  • If parts have been received but are no longer needed or a return is requested due to other circumstances:
    For orders that are received in good condition and correctly supplied, Amayama Trading will not accept parts back for a refund if they have already been received by the customer but are no longer required due to changing circumstances. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
    For instances where a request is received from the customer to cancel the ordered part(s) after the parts have been received at the Amayama Trading warehouse, a 30% restocking fee will be deducted from the price of each cancelled part in the order. The restocking fee covers the cost of adding parts to Amayama Trading's stock unintentionally which have little to no chance of selling in a reasonable timefame. 
  • If parts are wrongly supplied or part numbers are wrongly advised by Amayama Trading:
    We will ask the customer to return the part to Amayama Trading in as new condition in its undamaged packaging and the correct part will be sent at no charge to the customer. Amayama Trading will refund the return postage charge upon receipt of the wrongly supplied part in as new condition and part is sent back according to Amayama Trading's accepted return shipment method.

  • If parts cannot be installed due to a modification to the vehicle:
    Parts that cannot be installed because the vehicle has been modified (either by the current or previous owner) are regarded as wrongly ordered parts and therefore will not be accepted back for refund or exchange. Clients are advised to inform our staff of any modifications or that the part is intended to be installed to a another part that is suspected to be modified, not standard equipment or a non-genuine replacement part


The car manufacturers (and therefore Amayama Trading) will not take back wrongly ordered parts for refund or return/exchange. It is imperative to ensure the parts are correct before making payment. Amayama Trading takes no responsibility for parts that are supplied correctly according to the order and the order confirmed by the customer at the time of payment, but later found to be wrongly ordered by the customer.

Claim Submission Period

Claims for warranty, damaged parts or wrongly supplied parts are accepted within 1 year of the delivery date of the order. Warranty claims outside the 12 month period stated under "Warranty" above will be strictly refused. If the part involved in the claim is either already installed or shows signs of installation or use then it is considered "accepted by the client as is", and the  claim will be refused.
Other claims submitted outside the 1 year time period may be addressed depending on the nature of the claim*.

* The usual claim resolution conditions will not be applied in these cases.