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Personal trunk for Honda CR-X del Sol 1 generation 02.1992 - 12.1998

Scheme fits to:
Steering wheel Right
Body style Open
Grade SIR
Drive FF
Transmission AT MT
Fuel Gasoline
Engine B16A
Volume 1.60
Frame E-EG2
Produсtion years 1992 1993 1994 1995
Personal Trunk
Number Name Price from, USD Required
74304-SR2-000 Seal assy., r. center inner Discontinued 1
74314-SR2-000 Seal assy., l. center inner Discontinued 1
83442-SM4-950ZA Lid assy., switch hole (4p/6p) *nh167l* Discontinued 2
83731-SR2-000ZA Lining, r. side lower *nh167l* Discontinued 1
83732-SR2-000ZA Lining, r. side upper *nh178l* Discontinued 1
84451-SR2-000ZA Base, personal trunk *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84453-SR2-000ZA Lid, r. personal trunk upper *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84455-SR2-000 Bracket, personal trunk Discontinued 1
84458-SR2-000ZA Lid, l. personal trunk upper *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84459-SR2-000ZA Cap, emergency *nh167l* Discontinued 2
90669-SH4-003 Clip, center pillar lining Discontinued 2