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New Year Holiday Delays
We thank you so much for your support in 2023 and look forward to serving you in the new year.
Amayama Trading Japan will not be processing orders from 29th December until the 4th January 2024. Last parcels before the break will be sent on the 28th December. Shipments will resume from the 5th January 2024.

The Australian warehouse will also be closed from 25th December - 8th January.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish our customers a happy and safe holiday period!
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Ordeting Process

The ordering process starts with an inquiry which is submitted by the customer. After it's recieved by a sales manager, we check the item's availability and then send a quote. Once a payment is recieved, the order is either sent to the manufacturer or fulfilled with parts from Amayama Trading's own stock.

What's a genuine part?

A genuine part is manufactured by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who produces parts for the vehicle made by the Automobile company which includes that part. A genuine part will offer all the durability and qualities of those originally equipped and will maintain the vehicle's warranty requirements.

Amayama Trading only deals with new genuine parts. Even though our prices might seem very low, all parts are made in Japan (or in some cases by authorized offshore OEM) and genuine articles with standard international warranty.

Where can I get part numbers?

Part numbers can be obtained from our own online parts catalogs, or by making a request to one of our sales representatives.

I can't find my part number... Can you find it for me?

Sure. Just describe the required part in the inquiry form. We'll find it and quote you for the exact part numbers. It's sometimes possible that the part number is unique to a particular market and not widely available. In those cases we must ask the customer to obtain those part numbers from their local authorized dealer of that particular brand.

How long will it take to process my order?

Processing of orders can take 1 - 3 days from the original inquiry.

How can I track my order?

Clients can track their order via our customer account system, there you can check up on your order's progress which will be updated automatically with each step.

Availability Check

Will there be any delays in supplying parts?

Once your enquiry has been received stock availability must be checked to make sure the parts you require are available. For cars less than 10 years old there's a very good chance the parts will be available* right away, however some parts are on back order and will take a period of time to restock. For cars older than 10 years, parts will become progressively depleted over time** once production of that part stops, so please keep this in mind when ordering.

*Note: Availability checks will be done automatically for all parts and information on availability will be included in our quotation but are NOT expressed in actual units available. If a unit is shown in the "Availability" column in the search results for a particular part number, that amount is not in real-time (ie: it could have changed since the check was done), and may differ once payment has been made and the order has been sent to the supplier. Availability checks for individual orders are only done on a "by request" basis, so please submit a request to check availability at the time you submit your order.
**Note: Regarding parts that are "no longer available" (NLA): Production cycles depend solely on demand. Once demand drops below the minimum amount required for production, production of that part will stop. Once stock of that part has been depeleted and there's no schedule for a new production run, after some time the part will be designated "NLA". It's possible that NLA parts can be reproduced again at some point, however that also depends on demand and therefore it cannot be estimated when they will be available again, if at all.


Once the availability check has been completed we'll include that information in the quote. The quote typically includes quantity, part description, part price, availability information and shipping charges. Quotes are valid for 14 days, however, depending on the age of the vehicle some parts have very low stock levels so a further availability check may be needed after the quote validity period has ended.


How can I pay for my purchase?

Currently we have two methods of payment, either by Paypal (by linked bank account or registered credit card) or by direct deposit into our Singapore bank account. Paypal allows payment to be made even if you don't have a PayPal account. Please see the PayPal customer support page here for more information:

*Please note: We have diverted all international bank transfer payments to our Singapore bank account. Please contact your sales manager for any information pertaining to bank transfers prior to making payment by that method.

Do you take USD/AUD/EUR etc.?

Yes. Paypal will convert currencies during the transaction and show you the amount to be deposited in your local currency and the conversion to Japanese Yen.

Shipping and Delivery

Where do parts come from?

All parts are sent from our warehouse in Ibaraki in Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Australia or Dubai, UAE.

*Note: Minimum weight for parcels sent from the UAE is 500g.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship orders worldwide to any destination.

Attention: Amayama Trading is not responsible for any import tax, duties or other charges due to import laws at the destination country. The customer is fully responsible to comply with and pay any local import taxes, customs charges or any additional payments required thereafter. Please contact your local postal service or customs office to consult about import rules and limitations before making payment. Amayama Trading will not refund any unexpected shipping charges, any fees, taxes or duties required for customs clearance. Please note that Amayama Trading will not refund payments if orders are returned due to being rejected by the customer or customs officials at the destination country.

Click here to read more about international shipping.

Parcel Dimentions Scheme

What's the maximum size for parcels?

Please check the picture on the right.

What is the delivery time to (your country)?

Delivery times differ depending on the region:

  • Region 1 (East/South East Asia): 2 - 3 days (EMS), 8 days (Standard Air), 2 weeks (Economy Air SAL), 2 - 3 months (Surface)
  • Region 2-1 (Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East): 3 - 7 days (EMS), 1 - 2 weeks - (Standard Air), 2 - 3 weeks (Economy Air SAL), 2 - 3 months (Surface)
  • Region 2-2 (Europe): 3 - 4 days (EMS), 6 - 8 days (Standard Air), 1 - 2 weeks (Economy Air SAL), 2 - 3 months (Surface)
  • Region 3 (South America, Africa): 4 - 6 days (EMS), 8 - 11 days (Standard Air), 2 - 3 weeks (Economy Air SAL), 3 - 4 months (Surface)

Maximum charges for international mail

The maximum charge for an order weighing 30kg and 1.5m is as described below:

  • East Asia, SE Asia: JPY 26,200
  • Oceania, North America: JPY 36,000
  • Europe: JPY 42,000
  • Africa, Central America: JPY 69,400

When will my package arrive?

Once the order has been placed and payment been made, delivery transit times usually take 5 - 10 days if handled by Japan Post EMS, 7 - 14 days if handled by standard air mail, or 6 - 8 weeks by surface (sea) mail. Should you require a bulk order totaling over 30kg, arrangements can be made for sea freight or by Fedex air freight on application.


Can I be a wholesale partner?

We appreciate all wholesale inquiries and will discuss eligibility on application.

How do you ship wholesale orders?

There are different options available for shipping to wholesale customers depending on the size, frequency and destination of the order. Feel free to consult us for further information.