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Console for Honda Integra SJ EK3, 1 generation, restyling 01.1998 - 12.2001

Scheme fits to:
Steering wheel Right
Body style Sedan
Drive FF
Transmission CVT
Fuel Gasoline
Engine D15B
Volume 1.50
Frame GF-EK3
Produсtion years 1998 1999 2000 2001
Number Name Price from, USD Required
77293-S04-000ZA Panel, fr. console *nh1l* Discontinued 1
77294-S04-000ZA Tray, fr. console *nh1l* Discontinued 1
77296-S04-000ZZ Bracket, r. fr. console Discontinued 1
77297-S04-000ZZ Bracket, l. fr. console Discontinued 1
77299-S04-000ZA Pocket, radio panel *nh1l* Discontinued 1
83425-S04-000ZZ Bracket, console Discontinued 1
83442-SM4-000ZN Lid assy., switch hole *nh264l* Discontinued 4
88320-S04-000ZD Ashtray assy., rr. *nh264l* Discontinued 1
77230-S04-003ZA Cup holder assy. *nh1l* Discontinued 1
83401-S04-003ZA Console, rear *nh264l*; Console, rr. *nh264l* Discontinued 1
83406-SR4-J00 Hinge comp., armrest Discontinued 1
83446-S04-000ZZ Bracket assy., rr. console Discontinued 1
88323-ST0-003ZF Box, rr. ashtray *nh264l* Discontinued 1
90651-SM4-003 Grommet, screw 4mm Discontinued 1