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Honda Life 5 generation 11.2008 - 10.2010

5 generation
11.2008 - 10.2010
5 generation
In the fifth generation, this car with a telling name (a car for life!) Has become even more convenient to operate and operate, the interior space has visually increased due to narrower body pillars, an understated line of side windows and a large rear window. The fifth-generation JC1 / 2 Honda Life interior has become not only more spacious, but also better in quality of decoration, and the rear seats received softer cushions. The design of the dashboard has changed. The new Life was the first mini-car of the domestic Japanese market, the basic equipment of which included an audio system and a rear view camera. As the power plant, the 660 cc 3-cylinder i-DSI engine is still used - atmospheric or turbocharged.
 The following modifications are available: simple “C” and “G”, elegant “Pastel” and sports “Diva”. They differ not only in external, but also in internal equipment. For example, all modifications except “C” are standardly equipped with a rearview monitor, and as an option, a parking assistance system. The Mugen sports accessories catalog adds a new front bumper, special fog lights, visors, a sports exhaust system, one of two sets of alloy wheels with an intelligent tire pressure monitoring system, pedals and rear-view mirrors, as well as branded nameplates. In October 2009, a new Chiffon Green Metallic exterior color and two new optional packages were added: Comfort Select for increased comfort and Cool Select for active driving.

 The only power unit for Honda Life is a 0.66-liter gasoline engine, it has an upgraded intake system, reduced internal friction, and optimized torque in the most comfortable range of 2000-3600 rpm. In the atmospheric version, the engine produces a maximum power of 52 hp. and 60 Nm of torque. In the turbocharged version - 64 hp and 93 Nm. Transmission on all models is automatic 4-speed, the drive can be front or full. The efficiency indicator varies from 18 to 22 kilometers on one liter of gasoline, or from 5.5 to 4.5 liters per 100 km. In addition, the model reached a 15 percent reduction in fuel consumption in 2010. that guarantees tax incentives.

 The Honda Life of the JC1 / 2 generation retained its previous wheelbase of 2420 mm, but the platform is new and has a weight reduced by about 40 kg compared to the previous model. The suspension remained familiar according to the scheme: in front it is MacPherson struts, and the rear one differs depending on the drive - semi-dependent on front-wheel drive cars and dependent (De Dion) on 4WD modifications. The car is equipped with ventilated disc brakes on the front axle and drum on the rear. If we talk about the dimensions of the body, the length and width remain unchanged - 3395 mm and 1475 mm, which meets the requirements for this class of cars in the domestic market. The height of the body increased to 1610-1630 mm from the previous 1575-1595 mm. The interior dimensions have also increased - up to 2005 x 1295 x 1315 mm (L x W x H). In fact, Life has never been so spacious. For example, in a previous generation car, the interior dimensions reached a value of 1805 x 1275 x 1285 mm. A large number of storage compartments, hooks, pockets, etc. will also be pleasant for owners of this Life.

 Even safer, Honda Life offers intelligent front seat cushions, side airbags and curtain airbags that enhance head protection in side impacts. In 2009, the car in some trim levels received gas discharge headlights that better illuminate the road. One of the smart assistants is the Honda Smart Parking Assist.

 This generation of the Life model was created in accordance with the concept of "smile every day." According to Honda, when developing every detail, its functionality, convenience, and practicality were considered from the point of view of the buyer, so the resulting mini-car, according to the creators, should always cause a smile for its driver. Like its predecessor, the car is notable for its economical efficiency, but has become even more spacious, its maneuverability and visibility are excellent. Owners do not favor saving on noise insulation, hard and weak hodovka, the high cost of spare parts.