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Nissan Lafesta B30, 1 generation 12.2004 - 04.2007

1 generation
(B30) 12.2004 - 04.2007
CBA-B30, CBA-NB30, DBA-B30, DBA-NB30
1 generation
As you know, the market for the so-called family minivans is extremely saturated. Nissan company some time ago presented here the Liberty car, which was replaced by a new model - Nissan Lafesta. In order to give the interior of the car more space and light, it was decided to increase the glazing area, as well as to use a transparent roof with sunscreen filters (controlled by an electric drive) in the design. This is a kind of Lafesta mark. When you look at the car from the front, first of all, a decorative radiator grill is striking, around which everything is completely covered with glass.
 The length of the car has decreased, so it can be safely attributed to the compact group. But this did not stop the developers from placing the third row of seats in the passenger compartment and making the car a 7-seater minivan. Seats are distributed according to the scheme "2 - 3 - 2". On both sides of the body is equipped with sliding doors, and on the front passenger side this door is driven by an electric motor. However, it is worth noting that the authors of the project were not very concerned about the comfort of the seats of the third row. The main thing for them was the convenience of passengers in the middle row of seats. And this is understandable, because, as a rule, it is they who are decisive for assessing the convenience and practicality of the car as a whole, if we talk about the family minivan. The most important advantage of the second row seats is that they have a low seat and, therefore, it is pleasant to sit in them and you can easily leave to get out of the car. Transformation of chairs is also extremely simple. So simple that even a child can cope with it with success.

 The car is driven by an in-line four-cylinder engine of the MR series, the working volume of which is 2 liters. The X-tronic CVT gearbox has a 6-speed manual shift mode. On the one hand, this allows the driver to feel more confident while driving in tight city streets, and on the other hand, he significantly saves fuel. The car is made on a category C platform, which is the result of a collaboration between Nissan and Renault engineers. For information: the same platform is used in the Renault Megane car. (November, 2004).