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Subaru Alcyone AX, 1 generation 06.1985 - 08.1991

1 generation
(AX) 06.1985 - 08.1991
E-AX4, E-AX7, E-AX9
1 generation
The Alcyone, which began production in 1985, is a sports coupe. The attractive features of this car were the good aerodynamic performance and the boxer engine, which is rightfully proud of Subaru. Due to the large glazing area of ​​the cab, the interior space looks roomy and comfortable, which is somewhat inconsistent with reality. The beautiful bodywork was achieved at the expense of the car's interior.
The Alcyone is a true treasure trove of Subaru's latest technological advances. Particularly noteworthy is the model that began production in 1987. She became the first in Japan to own a 6-cylinder boxer engine. In addition, it is equipped with a 4WD system of the Active Torque Split series, called the ACT-4. Alcyone uses this advanced 4WD system earlier than the Nissan Skyline GT-R.