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Toyota Camry XV50, 8 generation, restyling 05.2014 - 05.2017

8 generation, restyling
(XV50) 05.2014 - 05.2017
ASV50, AVV50, GSV50, DAA-AVV50
8 generation, restyling
In September 2011, sales of the new Toyota Camry began in Japan, continuing the tradition of the company's strategic model, dating back to 1982. The new generation received a more strict, unlike the previous, design, expressively emphasizing the modernity of the model, the swiftness and at the same time the solidity of this popular sedan. Given the successful implementation of the plan for the "hybridization" of the country's fleet, in the domestic Japanese market Camry is offered only in a hybrid version with a new generation 2.5-liter engine. The appearance of the car corresponds to the global version with the exception of the design of the front bumper and grille.
 Options are presented in three options. The basic equipment of Toyota Camry includes: full power accessories, climate control, cabin filter, engine start button, remote control key, start-stop system. Chic optitron instrument panel in addition to standard displays includes a multi-information display. The steering column is adjustable in two planes. Adjusting the tilt and height of the driver's seat will make it comfortable for a person of any height. The trunk, a decent amount of which the battery took away, cannot boast of large dimensions, but its 440 liters of volume are quite comparable to golf cars, and the folding backs of the rear sofa will allow you to carry long things. The central seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest; its backrest can be turned into a comfortable armrest. The so-called “G package” (G package) is complemented by alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, electric driver's seat, cruise control. The Leather package includes leather seats, electric front seats, a navigation system, and an electric sunroof.

 The Toyota Camry hybrid installation provides excellent fuel economy, allowing you to drive up to 26.5 km on one liter of fuel (23.4 km in mixed mode), which no compact car with a conventional power plant can boast, not to mention cars more high class. At the same time, the 160-horsepower 4-cylinder 2AR-FXE provides decent dynamics that are fully consistent with this luxury sedan. Maximum torque - 213 Nm at 4500 rpm; the type of fuel used is Regular, which corresponds to the brands AI-92, AI-95. Hybrid installation provides a very low noise level, in addition, in certain modes, you can use only an electric motor.

 Toyota Camry suspension is traditionally independent with McPherson struts on all four wheels, quite tough. If Camry of previous generations offered for the domestic market, including all-wheel drive options, then this generation provides only front-wheel drive. Unlike conventional models, which come with automatic transmissions to other markets, Toyota Camry Hybrids are equipped with a CVT.

 Toyota Camry offers a new, higher standard of safety. To reduce the likelihood of head and foot injuries, additional body reinforcement elements were used. The structure of the hood and fenders minimizes the consequences of a collision with a pedestrian. As standard, the car is equipped with active head restraints and ten airbags, and ABS with an auxiliary braking system, electronic stability control (ESP), traction control (TCS) are used as preventive systems. In addition, in the expensive trim levels for the domestic market, radars are used that track the blind spot and reduce the likelihood of a collision when braking, accelerating or rebuilding. Given the well-known reasons, it is difficult to expect great demand in our country for right-hand drive Camry specimens intended for the domestic market, however, this car should certainly be appreciated by those who have already tried the advantages of hybrid cars and are not considering any other option in principle. Perhaps he will be interested in those buyers who decided to touch the technologies of a new era for the first time, in addition, Toyota Camry is a car whose high reputation has not been in doubt for decades.