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Toyota Celsior XF30, 3 generation, restyling 08.2003 - 05.2006

3 generation, restyling
(XF30) 08.2003 - 05.2006
3 generation, restyling
The third generation Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS430 outside Japan) debuted in August 2000. The engine capacity of the Celsior increased from 4 to 4.3 liters.
 The design of the third generation of the model was the result of a new approach to the vision of cars. There have been tendencies to expand the wheelbase, increase the height of the car and expand the passenger space of the passenger compartment. Trunk volume compared to the previous generation increased by 30%. As a result, the car began to look slightly larger, although its total length and overall height remained similar to previous generations. Like the second generation, the drag coefficient of the car is 0.25, which allowed to reduce fuel consumption and improve the speed characteristics of the model.

 In 2003, Celsior underwent restyling - the design of the front of the car and the rear optics changed, and for the first time in Toyota’s history, its car was equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission.