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Toyota Corolla Axio E160, 2 generation 05.2012 - 03.2015

2 generation
(E160) 05.2012 - 03.2015
2 generation
Like the previous Corolla, the 11th generation sedan is sold in Japan with the same Axio, and the station wagon is Fielder. And the platform, which is typical for the Japanese, has remained the same. To maximize compliance with the environment, the Japanese Corolla maintains a “narrow-body” (narrow-body), as it was in the previous generation, thereby eliminating the need for buyers to pay additional taxes. Nevertheless, in terms of exterior, technical stuffing and configuration, this is in many ways a new car. Justifying the desire to make their cars more economical, Toyota again returned to using a 1.3-liter engine on the Corolla. At the same time, the version with the 1.8 liter engine disappeared from the line, which, of course, added peppercorn models. There is a clear rapprochement with the Platz / Belta concept - the discontinued compact sedans of previous generations.
 The previous set of trim levels was practically preserved, but the level of equipment in some areas, especially in the high class, became richer. In the basic version of X there is a manual air conditioning, cabin filter, remote key. Optional rear wiper. The 1.3 X G Edition is equipped with climate control, a water-repellent coating of the front door glass, a leather steering wheel braid, and options include gas-discharge headlights with auto-corrector, engine start button, anti-theft system, self-dimming inner mirror. Version 1.5G additionally relies on 15-inch tires and castings. Even higher equipment cars in picking Luxel. In addition to all of the above, there are mirrors with auto-adjustment function in reverse, factory tinting, folding backrests separately, heated and ventilated front seats. On versions ranging from medium ones, the steering wheel is adjustable, including on the fly. In 2013, the model was partially improved, and a hybrid version of the Corolla Axio was also launched.

 If we talk about the engine range, it opens its 1NR-FE 1.3L engine with Dual VVT-I system with a capacity of 95 hp, equipped with a continuously variable variator. This engine is equipped exclusively with front-wheel drive versions. The next on the list is the main one and a half liter power unit 1NZ-FE, leading its history in the Corolla family since 2000. Equipped with a variable valve timing system, which has undergone significant improvement to reduce friction losses and increase fuel efficiency, it has a capacity of 103-109 hp. depending on the modification - it can be a variator in combination with 4WD or a mono drive on a variator or a manual transmission. The hybrid powerplant is similar to the one used on the Toyota Aqua. That is, a 74-horsepower gasoline engine running on the Atkinson cycle, a CVT and a 45-kilowatt electric motor. Among other things, the Corolla Axio Hybrid has a sound imitation of the internal combustion engine and help when starting uphill. Fuel economy is the main hobbyhorse of this generation. A regular 1.3 / 1.5 sedan with a CVT spends 4.85 / 5 liters per 100 km, and a hybrid even more negligible - 3 liters.

 The combination of strut struts in the front and a semi-independent torsion bar suspension in the rear is typical of a compact class. It may not be the best option in terms of comfort, but it is simple and reliable. Four-wheel drive (individual modifications) - type ATC with electromechanical clutch rear wheels. The fact that the car is smaller than the international model has a plus in terms of maneuvering in narrow alleys and parking lots. Yes, and a minimum turning radius of 4.9 meters will clearly please owners living in dense buildings. In the new generation, the stabilization system and traction control are now the basic equipment of all modifications without exception. Side airbags are no longer an option, but standard equipment along with the usual front airbags. In total, a car can have up to 12 pillows. Together with a wide list of already mentioned options for expensive trim levels (self-dimming mirror, auto-adjustment of side mirrors, etc.) e.) The whole set takes Corolla Axio's safety to a new, even higher level.

 Despite its novelty, the eleventh generation of Corolla from the domestic Japanese market has already been successfully imported to Russia, and in terms of power density and thrust-weight ratio, the most interesting are 1.5-liter models, which, in fact, form the main range of the offer. In terms of practicality, the Axio is a great alternative to many compact cars. And the presence of a hybrid motor, the interest in which is steadily growing, is another significant plus.