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Toyota Curren T200, 1 generation 01.1994 - 09.1995

1 generation
(T200) 01.1994 - 09.1995
E-ST206, E-ST207
1 generation
Toyota Curren - a coupe with a capacity of 5 people, made on the basis of the Toyota Celica model. The appearance of these two cars has many common features. Curren's interior design is exactly the same as the Celica interior. The Curren has a 2-liter inline engine with 4DOHC. Curren does not have an analogue of the modification of the Celica GT-FOUR. The Curren engine is available in two versions: economical hi-mecha twin cam and sport twin cam; the 4WS system is installed on the modification with the first engine version, the 1.8-liter engine and super strut suspension are on the modification with the second version. In addition, complete sets are available with a 5-speed manual transmission or with a 4-speed automatic.