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Toyota Mark X X120, 1 generation, restyling 10.2006 - 09.2009

1 generation, restyling
(X120) 10.2006 - 09.2009
1 generation, restyling
In 2004, the next generation of the famous family of upscale Toyota sedans, whose history dates back to 1968, was destined to appear in front of the public with a new name. As you know, the Mark II model came to a point in its development when the tenth generation was to be born. To commemorate this, it was decided to fix this fact in the name of the model itself, replacing serial number II by number X. This can be interpreted not only as the Latin digit “ten”, but also as a designation of the unknown component - “X”, as if indicating that the car has its own secrets. Here is one of them: an extraordinary step was taken when creating this model: for the first time for a car released in the development of the Mark II model range, a 6-cylinder V-shaped engine became the standard power plant. Well, and so that replacing the “two” with the “ten” did not look like a formality, it was decided to go further and choose an unprecedented external design for the new car.
 At maximum equipment, the Mark X offers xenon adaptive headlights, an electrically adjustable driver's seat, heated seats, an ionizer, cruise control, front door armrests, a rain sensor, a media system with navigation and a hard drive, 16 "casting. The interior, filled with leather, metal and wood elements, allows you to evaluate the quality of the finish. For the first time in its class, the car received a rear bumper with integrated tailpipe outlets. The sports car “S package” is equipped with 18-inch aluminum rims and sports brakes, a specially retuned suspension, aerodynamic body parts and other “amenities”. The Mark X in the 120th body was created on a platform common to the Toyota Crown model and is equipped with a six-cylinder V-engine with a displacement of 2.5 or 3 liters. Both motors of the GR series have an alloy cylinder block, a timing chain drive, and a variable valve timing system. The 4GR-FSE base engine has a power of 215 hp, the torque reaches a maximum value of 260 Nm at 3800 rpm. Even more impressive performance - the three-liter engine 3GR-FSE: power 256 liters. sec., and a torque of 314 Nm at 3600 rpm. For all its reliability, engines are quite sensitive to fuel quality (AI-98). Both motors come with a 6-speed Super ECT gearbox, which includes a manual shift mode. On all-wheel drive modifications of the Mark X, a 5-speed automatic transmission is installed.

 Suspension Mark X is completely independent, spring. Front - double lever. Rear - multi-link. Due to changes in the layout of the engine compartment, the front overhang has decreased significantly, the driver’s seat has shifted to the center of the base, the size of which has increased to 2850 mm (for Mark II X110 this figure was 2780 mm). This allowed to significantly increase the space in the passenger compartment for the rear passengers. The increase in the base, the corresponding chassis setting affected the behavior of the car - it acquired better stability in turns and close to perfect smoothness. All-wheel drive Mark X is able to demonstrate all the best qualities of the model even when driving in difficult road conditions ..

 For the safety of the driver and passengers Mark X meets a complex set of active and passive safety systems. Two airbags, front seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters, active head restraints, ABS, Brake Assist, EBD (electronic brake force distribution) systems are standard on all trim levels. An expensive package meant installing a traction control system, retrofitting a full set of airbags, including side airbags, for knees and curtains). In addition, the car has a reinforced body. The highest level of security is confirmed by tests according to the NASVA method (Japan) in 2005.

 Mark X is one of the most interesting right-hand drive cars in the “above average” price category. Powerful engines, a high level of comfort and a balanced set of characteristics demonstrate all the advantages of an ageless “classic”. Left-hand drive analogue of this generation (Toyota Reiz) was produced in China.