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Toyota Opa XT10, 1 generation, restyling 06.2002 - 08.2005

1 generation, restyling
(XT10) 06.2002 - 08.2005
1 generation, restyling
Toyota Opa refers to those cars that are difficult to attribute to any one class. In this car, you can see the features that are characteristic of both 5-door hatchbacks and minivans. The rounded Opa-owned rounded box houses an amazing saloon typical of large cars.
 The layout of the rear seats allows you to conveniently and easily use the luggage compartment, which gives out the features of this car minivan. The dashboard is located above the steering wheel. The front and rear seats are upholstered in different colors.

 If we touch on technical points, then Opa is based on Toyota Vista. Modifications with a 2-liter inline engine with D4 injection system are equipped with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Other Opa versions equipped with 1.8-liter engines have a 4-speed automatic transmission. In addition, Opa has two drive options: front-wheel drive, perfect for driving on slippery roads and overcoming sharp turns, and all-wheel drive with the V flex time system.