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Toyota Soarer Z30, 3 generation, restyling 01.1994 - 07.1996

3 generation, restyling
(Z30) 01.1994 - 07.1996
E-JZZ30, E-JZZ31, E-UZZ31, E-UZZ32
3 generation, restyling
The first Toyota Soarer update in January 1994 slightly changed the appearance of the coupe. The front bumper with a lower grille and built-in fog lights has been modified, the architecture of the combined lights has changed at the back, the design of 16-inch aluminum rims has been updated. For all models, the LSD differential has become available. Affected changes and motor range. In particular, the 3.0-liter 6-cylinder 2JZ-GE engine appeared, and in 1995 the power and torque of the 1UZ engine were increased. Since 1994, Soarer has updated the composition and names of configurations: for example, the top version 4.0GT Limited became known as 4.0GT-L, and the 2.5GT Twin Turbo - 2.5GT-T. Standard coupe equipment includes power accessories (windows, mirrors) and a central locking system, steering wheel adjustment for tilt and reach, radio and climate control. For a fee, you could install the rear wiper and spoiler, body kit details. The package of improved equipment included wood trim, leather steering wheel, electric front seats, cruise control, electric sunroof. The maximum equipment complemented the list with a CD player, navigation system, active suspension, etc.

 Toyota Soarer of the intermediate production phase (1994-1996) offered already familiar power units: an 8-cylinder V-shaped 1UZ-FE with a volume of 4 liters and a 6-cylinder 2.5 twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE. The turbo engine remained at the previous indicators of power and torque - a maximum of 280 horsepower and 363 Nm. The atmospheric V8 unit since 1995 increased the output from 260 to 265 forces, and the torque increased by 10 Nm, reaching a value of 363 Nm. To this list was also added a new “six” 2JZ-GE with a volume of 3.0 liters, it had an atmospheric performance, so the characteristics against the background of the other two units are not so impressive - 225 hp. and 284 Nm, although with a competent approach, tuning this engine from GE to GTE, or replacing it with a full-fledged 2JZ-GTE, which was put on Supra, may well be promising. The suspension at Toyota Soarer corresponds to the luxury class - completely independent, with double wishbones. Models like UZZ31 were equipped with air suspension with adjustable ground clearance and damping stiffness. Soarer was also notable for the fact that in the most expensive and "stuffed" modification of the UZZ32, an active suspension control system was used, which suppressed changes in body position, vibration and roll. Such a system was combined with rear-wheel thrusters (active 4WS system). For the first time in the world, a yaw rate sensor was used in addition to a vehicle speed sensor and a steering angle sensor. As a result, Soarer was characterized by almost perfect behavior in corners and when overtaking. Given the presence of rear-wheel drive, the car was quite maneuverable. With a body length of 4.86 meters and a wheelbase of 2.69 m, its turning circle was 10.8 m. The dimensions of the compartment in the compartment are sufficient so that the rear seats are not so crowded: length 1825 mm, width 1490, height 1100 mm. For comparison, in the sister Supra A80, the interior had dimensions of 1580 x 1480 x 1065 mm (L x W x H). Trunk volume Soarer Z30 - 265 liters.

 Since its inception, Toyota Soarer has had all the latest safety technologies on board. The third-generation model was equipped with three-point seat belts in all places, stiffeners in the doors, cruise control. Anti-lock braking system, driver's airbag and traction control were standard in the luxury version or options in cheaper cars of the first years of release.

 Soarer is rightfully considered one of the best models in the Toyota JDM line, organically combining eye-catching design, reliability, luxury and speed. Cons also available: low clearance, high fuel consumption, expensive suspension repairs, high cost of body elements and interior parts, increased wear of door hinges. The population of used cars of this generation in the Russian market is not so large, which guarantees their exclusivity. At the same time, cars of a later release after the second restyling in August 1996 received a number of additional changes.