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Toyota Supra A80, 4 generation, restyling 04.1996 - 08.2002

4 generation, restyling
(A80) 04.1996 - 08.2002
4 generation, restyling
In 1996, the Toyota Supra A80 was restyled. If we talk about external changes, they affected some elements of the car body. The new headlights and taillights received a mask in dark metallic gray instead of chrome in the old headlights and black in the taillights. The design of the front bumper, the shape and location of the dimensions have changed, and the front side repeaters have moved from the wings to the bumper. In 1997, the changes affected the technical part: the REAS body position control system appeared, the 2JZ-GTE engine was modernized, it was equipped with the VVT-i system. Among other things, the car has been adapted to new safety standards.
 Small changes during the restyling affected the specifications of the machine. The number of trim levels was reduced due to the departure of the GZ and GZ Aero Top versions of the highest class. Changes in the interior include a new dashboard: instead of the previous three circles, five are now used, including new indicators - boost pressure indicator (2JZ-GTE) or voltmeter (2JZ-GE). The clock on the center console has become analog. In cars with an automatic transmission, it became possible to switch gears using the buttons on the steering wheel, an LCD screen appeared in the dashboard with a display of the automatic transmission operation modes.  In the top versions of the fourth-generation Toyota Supra for the domestic Japanese market, it was still equipped with a 3-liter turbocharged engine. Modernization, as already noted, includes the advent of the VVT-i system. The power remained the same - 280 hp, and the torque increased from 432 to 451 Nm, which slightly increased the efficiency and responsiveness of the motor. SZ models are equipped with a 3-liter naturally aspirated engine - it produces 225 “forces” and 284 Nm. The gearbox is mechanical 5- or 6-speed; there are also modifications with an automatic transmission with manual shift mode. For most versions, in addition to the simplest SZs, the standard was the presence of an LSD differential (optional in the RZ-S with automatic transmission), but also atmospheric SZ-Rs appeared, which were equipped with a 6-speed “mechanics” in combination with LSD.

 Toyota Supra A80 has front and rear suspension on double wishbones. It is worth noting that with the modernization of the model for the first time, the company applied the REAS (Relative Absorber System) body position control system. The top model RZ was standardly equipped with 17-inch wheels and 255/40 tires in the front and 235/45 in the rear. Excellent braking is provided by ventilated disc brakes on both axles. The wheelbase in this generation is 2550 mm, the turning radius is 5.4 m. The dimensions of the car body after restyling remain the same: 4520 x 1810 x 1275 (L x W x H). Supra, although declared a four-seater, but, as usual in such cars, the rear seats are rather symbolic. As for the trunk, someone can say that it is practically absent, but 185 liters are available and can be almost doubled, except that in this generation the back of the rear sofa folds only in its entirety. It is worth paying attention to the Supra version with a removable roof (targa). Of course, not a convertible, but such an option will allow you to enjoy a trip under the open sky.

 Modernization of Toyota Supra A80 in 1996 was reflected in the safety of the car. The new GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) standard assumes compliance with more stringent crash test requirements. After restyling, all models are equipped with anti-lock braking system and airbags for the driver and passenger, as well as traction control (optional). Debuting under the slogan “The sport of Toyota”, the fourth-generation Supra has improved many times in terms of driving performance and safety performance. This car is more consistent with the uncompromising sports cars than its predecessor, it has become more powerful and lighter, while there are known cases of "swinging" of the 2JZ-GTE engine over a thousand "horses". When choosing a car, experts advise paying attention not only to the condition of the engine and chassis, but also to thoroughly checking the body.