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265 - rear combination lamp (Denso) for Nissan Atlas H4F23

Frame / SeriesH4F23 / F23 body WC (double cab )engine KA20DE (2000 gasoline twin cab )drive 2WD (two-wheel drive )
Manufacture period06.1999 - ...body length LB (long body )truck body LF (テイヘイショウ(steel))tire & loading SWT.125T (ショウケイ double tire 1.25 ton )
  grade DX (deluxe )transmission MT.F5 (manual transmission 5-speed )  
Applies for modelsManufacture periodSpec
T +WC06.1999 - 08.2002 
T +WC08.2002 - 08.2003 
T +WC08.2003 - 08.2004 
T +WC08.2004 - ... 

26195B - screw
26195BA - screw
26521M - lens, combination lamp
26521MA - lens, combination lamp
26521MB - lens, combination lamp
26521MC - lens, combination lamp
26526C - washer
26543M - packing
26543MA - packing
26550 - lamp assembly, rear combination RH
26550C - バルブ
26550CA - バルブ
26554H - cover, combination lamp RH
26555 - lamp assembly, rear combination LH
26559H - cover, combination lamp LH
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