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Chassis and transmission for Nissan Laurel, 10.1984 - ... production period

Frame / SeriesHC32 / C32 body K (hardtop )engine RB20E (2000 gasoline EGI)grade MED (Medalist )
Manufacture period10.1984 - ...transmission F5 (floor manual 5-speed )    

Parts groups: Engine and fuel system  |  Body parts  |  Chassis and transmission  |  Electrics  |  Accessories

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Chassis and transmission X1  
A1103 - engine & transmission mounting (unit)
D3001 - clutch disc & cover (engine)
D3003 - clutch master cylinder (chassis)
D3004 - clutch operating cylinder & piping (シ)
D3101 - auto transmission & transaxle assembly (unit)
D3102 - torque converter & case (unit)
D3103 - oil pump & clutch (unit)
D3104 - planetary gear (unit)
D3105 - control valve (unit)
D3106 - control switch (unit)
D3107 - auto transmission fitting (unit)
D3201 - transmission & transaxle assembly (unit)
D3202 - transmission case (unit)
D3203 - transmission gear (unit)
D3204 - shift control (unit)
D3401 - transmission control & linkage (unit)
D3701 - propeller shaft (chassis)
D3802 - rear final drive (unit)
D3804 - rear drive shaft (chassis)
E3601 - parking brake control (chassis)
Chassis and transmission X2  
E4101 - front brake (chassis)
E4102 - rear brake (chassis)
E4103 - clutch & brake pedal (chassis)
E4104 - brake master cylinder (chassis)
E4105 - brake servo & servo control (chassis)
E4106 - brake piping (chassis)
F4001 - front axle (chassis)
F4002 - rear axle (chassis)
F4003 - road wheel & cap (chassis)
F4801 - steering gear (chassis)
F4802 - steering column (chassis)
F4803 - steering linkage (chassis)
F4804 - steering wheel (trim)
F4805 - steering column shell (trim)
F4806 - power steering bracket (engine)
F4807 - power steering control (chassis)
F5401 - front suspension (chassis)
F5402 - rear suspension (chassis)
F5701 - spare tire carrier (body)
G2810 - anti skid control (chassis)
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