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Spare parts for SXA11L frame RAV4


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Complectation Engine Production
Body Grade Transm. Options
SXA11L-AWMGK 3SFE 04.1995 - 08.2000 HT MTM LHD GEN 5D  
SXA11L-AWMGKV 3SFE 09.1997 - 08.2000 HT MTM LHD GCC 5D  
SXA11L-AWMGKW 3SFE 04.1995 - 05.2000 HT MTM LHD EUR 5D  
SXA11L-AWPGKV 3SFE 09.1997 - 08.2000 HT ATM LHD GCC 5D  
SXA11L-AWPGKW 3SFE 04.1995 - 05.2000 HT ATM LHD EUR 5D  
SXA11L-AWMGKA 3SFE 11.1995 - 08.2000 HT MTM 4D  
SXA11L-AWPGKA 3SFE 11.1995 - 08.2000 HT ATM 4D  
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