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Obon Holiday Delays (Japan)
Due to the Obon (week-long) public holiday in Japan, all orders submitted to Amayama Japan between the 11th of August and the 17th of August will be delayed in processing until the 18th of August. During this time no orders will be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Personal trunk for Honda CR-X del Sol 1 generation 02.1992 - 12.1998

Scheme fits to:
Steering wheel Right
Body style Open
Drive FF
Transmission AT MT
Fuel Gasoline
Engine B16A D16A
Volume 1.60
Frame E-EG2 E-EJ4
Produсtion years 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
7 9 11 26 27 28
Personal Trunk
Number Name Price from, USD Required
74304-SR2-000 Seal assy., r. center inner Discontinued 1
74314-SR2-000 Seal assy., l. center inner Discontinued 1
83442-SM4-950ZA Lid assy., switch hole (4p/6p) *nh167l* Discontinued 2
83731-SR2-000ZA Lining, r. side lower *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84451-SR2-000ZA Base, personal trunk *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84453-SR2-000ZA Lid, r. personal trunk upper *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84455-SR2-000 Bracket, personal trunk Discontinued 1
84458-SR2-000ZA Lid, l. personal trunk upper *nh167l* Discontinued 1
84459-SR2-000ZA Cap, emergency *nh167l* Discontinued 2
84469-SR2-000 Mark, emergency handle unit opener Discontinued 1
83732-SR2-000ZA Lining, r. side upper *nh178l* Discontinued 1
84650-SR2-000ZB Lining, rr. panel *nh167l*
Discontinued 1